About Me

I was born in England. My love of the outdoors and physical activity, led me to study agriculture. In my mid twenties I left England to work as a “volunteer” in Papua New Guinea. Two years turned to ten, and I met my husband and bore our first son there. We came to Canada for a couple of years where our second baby was born. We then spent a couple of years working in Indonesia.

Living on three continents has given me a World view. I am endlessly curious about people, places and cultures. I have been humbled by not being able to communicate well in a foreign language, learned that poverty does not always follow not having “stuff” and that all people are the same inside.

My first birth was an unplanned C-section. My second was a vaginal birth. Breastfeeding was not as intuitive as I had anticipated. I needed help getting started.

We returned to Canada for our sons to attend school. I became a La Leche Leader. I supported women who wanted to breastfeed, led meetings, manned the 24 hour helpline monthly, trained new leaders and spoke at conferences. I also volunteered at the local hospital, working in the breastfeeding clinic one morning a week and teaching breastfeeding at prenatal classes.

I am a certified fitness Instructor. I teach 5-10 classes a week . I am also qualified in aquatic exercise and pre and post natal fitness.

My children are grown. My husband has retired. I am now a Doula. I have the life experience to serve a diverse population. I have time and energy to devote to my business. I have been welcomed into the Doula community with warmth and kindness.

Each birth I attend is a privilege and a joy. Each time a woman chooses me to be her Doula it is an honour.


Jennifer & Destiny

Having a doula helped me more than I know!!! I was terrified of labour as this was my first child. Dinah my Doula was amazing she did a lot of the work for me!!! Her techniques pushed my baby down for me so I didn't have to work so hard and made it soooo much easier to push my baby out. I want to thank you again for your help!!! Having someone there to support me who knew what they were doing made me much more at ease, I realized I had nothing to be afraid of!!! Lots of love.

Jennifer & Destiny

Raissa, little Milly and Dinah.

Dinah was a very important support for us during the birth of our daughter. She knew exactly what to do and always had encouraging words when we needed it. In the beginning we thought that just the two of us would be enough and that we knew what to do after all the classes we took and all the books we read, but we are so glad that we decided to have her with us. During the labour experience is hard to think about anything but she was there to help us with compressions, massages, words and the most important is that she kept us calm and confident that we would have a wonderful birth experience and we did it! Thanks Dinah for sharing with us these very special moments of our lives

Raissa, Daniel and little Milly.

Me and my sister hired Dinah as our labour doula (we were 4 months apart pregnant) and could not have been happier with her service. She was a tremendous help before, during and after delivery of our kids. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for her profession made it a pleasure interacting with her. She also came a few times before delivery to answer our questions in regards to our pregnancies or upcoming deliveries.

I delivered my son at Mount Sinai Hospital and Dinah played a huge role in helping us to achieve the birth I had envisioned. She was by my side the entire time, gave me positive energy and reassurance to succeed in my desire for an unmedicated birth. She helped me to visualize the “finish line” and set milestones throughout the whole process. I was able to put my faith in her hands and follow her guidance as it relates to changing positions, food/fluid intake and progress. It made me feel at ease knowing that she was there to help me make the right decisions and move things along. In addition, she was a great help for my husband. I must say he was very happy to have her at my side. A few moments after birth Dinah asked for one of our phones and ended up taking some awesome pictures immediately after our son was born. It was SO sweet of her and I absolutely treasure the pictures she took. She also kept a timeline of our events and wrote a beautiful letter addressed to my son with the story of his birth. I will read it to him when he grow up))) Thank you Dinah!!!

As I said my sister also used Dinah and was also very-very happy. I won’t share all of her details, because they aren’t mine to share, but I will say that I am so glad that we got to share this incredible adventure with her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Zhanna Prokopchuk

Great support for the patient and her mother. Great work!.

L.A. Labour and delivery nurse. Southlake Regional Health Centre

Very calm demeanor, was soothing and supportive.

Eva Mocarsia MD. Obstetrician St. Michael’s Hospital

Fees and services

Basic package Cost $1000

Doula interview

Free, no obligation interview Meeting

We can meet for about an hour. You tell me your needs and desires for the birth. I will explain what services I offer and leave you with a copy of my contract to go over.

First Doula visit

First Pre Natal visit

You expand on your needs and desires for the birth. Birthing options will be discussed. I have books and videos you can borrow. I can suggest websites for you to explore. We also discuss a healthy pregnancy. I am a certified fitness instructor with training in pre and post natal fitness. I can direct you to experts in nutrition or other specialized services, classes, or groups in the area.

Second Doula visit

Second Pre natal visit

We can put together a birth plan. I can show you exercises and stretches to keep you comfortable and help you prepare for childbirth. Your partner will learn and practice techniques to help you in labour. We will discuss the signs of early labour. Any anxieties about the upcoming birth can be aired here in total confidentiality and a spirit of openness.

Call any time, any day


You can contact me by phone, text or e-mail 24/7. Two weeks before your due date I will consider myself on call. I will ensure I always can reach you within an hour.

Birth support

Birth Support
(The Big Day!)

You will contact me if you think labour is beginning or has begun. We will decide where and when you want me to arrive. Ideally your home; hospital if things are moving quickly. I will stay with you continuously until the baby is born. I will remain with you for two hours after the birth, or until you need some private family time.

First Doula visit

First Post natal visit

Usually I will come on your first or second day home. Breastfeeding: positioning, frequency, discomfort, questions. I will remind you what you need to monitor to make sure your baby is getting enough nourishment and if you are ready, we can talk about the birth.

Second Doula visit

Second Post natal visit

We can review how things are going. If you need outside help, I can recommend Post Natal Doulas, Lactation Consultants, or other services. We can talk about the birth and ideally your partner should be present too. We can look at pictures, admire the baby laugh and, sometimes get all emotional!

Birth photography

Maternity photography

Learn new poses and feel confident in your body during a Maternity Photo Shoot with Galaxy Photoz. They have a team of professional photographers that specialize in Newborn and Maternity Photography. Ask them about their monthly photo shoot days and how you can save by being a Dinah Gibbs Doula client. Visit the maternity photo section of their website or call 416 855 7307.

Birth Doula plus Pre and Post natal fitness package $1200

In addition to basic package, this includes two prenatal sessions to learn gentle daily exercises to improve comfort and prepare the body for labour and delivery.
At six weeks after delivery, beginning with muscle toning focussing on the the upper body, gentle abdominal tightening and cardiovascular exercise with your baby in a stroller.

A second session would build on strength and conditioning of the core area as the body returns to the pre pregnant state.